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Can I play football if I don't play high school or college football? 7 mos ago

Can I play football as in any type of official football league without playing college or high school football?

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Should i play football or not? - Yahoo! Answers: Best Answer: If your really good at basketball join a summer league so they leave you alone. Its your life and football is a big commitment so don't join

If i didn't play high school football, do you think: Best Answer: You might be able to walk on at a D3 program, but I'd forget a scholarship. Schools are limited in the number and won't use one on a player if

If you did not play football in high school, can you: If so, what are the requirements? My high school did not have football, it was a magnet school. All of the public high schools in the area I lived in

After 5 dead high schoolers in 5 weeks, columnist: So I'm talking with a big, strong kid who's 16 years old and who plays high school football and I'm saying that if he were my son, he wouldn't be playing high school - Some top coaches prove you didn't have to: Coaches such as Indiana's Tom Crean, South Carolina's Frank Martin and Marquette's Buzz Williams prove you didn't have to play at a high level to coach at one.

Can I play college football? - Yahoo!7 Answers: Best Answer: Actually I have several different suggestions for you. One would be to participate in a student exchange program and come to the US and play

Can you play football at a high school you don't go: Can you play football at a high school you don't go to. I go to a special high school that's more one on one because I have a learning disability and they do not

Yahoo! Answers - Can I still play college soccer if: I am planning to play college Soccer in a Division I school. I tried getting noticed by coaches, but I haven't had any luck. So I was wondering, when I get

How to Play High School Soccer | eHow: High school soccer is a very competitive sport. Most high school soccer players have played for years. Getting to play high school soccer isn't easy and requires

Why is there no alternative to college football?: Its nice to have options, isn't it? Baseball players can go to the minors, basketball players can go over seas for a year, and hockey players have